personally handcrafted dentures personally handcrafted dentures by Peter Ritchie of Teeth Tech in Christchurch


We handcraft dentures to fit your mouth and gums perfectly

We are a local dental lab that personally handcrafts full and partial dentures on site to the very highest quality possible. We take great care to make your dentures look as natural as possible and will work with you in a thoroughly professional manner to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new dentures.

Our technicians are highly experienced dental lab professionals, with a wealth of experience, who can produce durable, custom-made dentures, bridges and dental implants to suit your specific needs. We use only the best materials and techniques available to craft your new look and take extra-special care to design them to safeguard your gum health also.

Improve your appearance dramatically. Now you can smile with confidence once again with custom-built dentures that appear entirely natural rather than appearing like false teeth.

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About Us

Peter Ritchie

Peter Ritchie

Registered Clinical Dental Technician

Peter has over 30 years’ experience in many different aspects of dental technology. He began his career at the Christchurch Hospital dental service. He has worked in a denture clinic and been a laboratory owner for more than 20 years.

He now specialises in manufacturing dentures of all types. Peter is precise in his work and will take the care and time it takes to be sure you receive the best possible result.

Our Services

  • Complete dentures

    Our dentures are hand crafted on site. So whether your existing dentures are ill fitting or you just want a new cosmetic look, we can help. We use only quality teeth and materials, with injection moulding for superior strength and fit.

  • Immediate dentures

    Immediate dentures are those that are fitted immediately after having teeth extracted. Working closely with a dentist, allows us to plan everything in advance.

    So your dentures can be manufactured prior to your teeth being extracted, we take impressions of your existing teeth. This enables us to choose the correct size colour and shape of teeth for your new dentures.

    There will be significant changes to your jaw bones and gums after the extraction of your teeth, so your new dentures will require relining after four to six months.

    We will help you transition through this time until your gums settle down. Relining of your dentures is an additional cost.

  • Mouthguards

    We make laminated mouthguards to protect your teeth in contact sports. Some club colours are available.

  • Partial dentures

    If you have missing teeth, a partial denture is a great cosmetic solution. It can restore your dental function and confidence.

    You will require a clearance from your dentist to confirm your remaining teeth are dentally fit.

  • Denture relines

    We can reline your existing denture providing it is in reasonable condition, to provide a new fit to the gum. This can usually be done as a same day service.

  • Implant retained dentures

    You may be a candidate for the placement of two or more implants to support and retain your denture. This is very successful on lower dentures where retention and stability can be problematic.

    We will work closely with you and a dentist or specialist to assess whether this treatment is appropriate for you.

  • Denture repairs

    We can repair your broken denture or replace a lost tooth usually within two or three hours. Please don’t glue your broken denture.